A Constitution for Britain


Friday, January 03, 2003


The Second Charter

We, Her Majesty's British subjects, believe our well being has been substantially damaged in the latter half of the 20th century by the acts of our elected politicians who have almost no accountability.

Our politicians are elected and employed to represent us. Instead they deliberately ignore our wishes and betray the voters trust, now by going to war again when we are massively opposed.

Voter turnout is falling as the British people perceive their votes mean nothing, losing interest in politics as we are effectively disenfranchised.

They have over taxed and over regulated us in to relative poverty which is why too many of us have difficulty making ends meet. They increase our poverty by wasting vast sums in bad government, including £500 billion of our money on Europe without our permission.

Their twenty five year long attempt to abolish our sovereignty, abolish the Pound, and take us into a possibly economically disasterous Europe without a vote of the electorate is a typical example of their determination to ignore our wishes.

Every five years politicians allow us to vote for which Party of similar politicians gets to do precisely as it likes without reference to the wishes of the British people.

With these sham Parties politicians divide and conquer us, distracting us from this lack of democracy. They fight every possibility of referendums and our voting on the issues to ensure we are powerless.

Members of the Commonwealth watch their failures and want to break their ties with us. The separatist movements in Scotland, Wales and Cornwall are fuelled by a wish to get away from the failures of Westminster. Our government has withdrawn freedoms and gone to war, the last time killing 200,000 people without consulting us.

Government should be the servant of the people; instead it has become the major threat to our freedom and economic well being.

British Politicians are not controlled by a constitution which is why they get away with it. Our last Charter was in the year 1215 (Magna Carta); we believe a Second Charter is now both overdue and essential to regulate our failed politicians and compel them to carry out our wishes.

The acts of the Charter

Abuses of Governmental power and penalties
The Monarch is charged to use her powers as she sees necessary to uphold the freedom of her subjects and this Charter. The Monarch is to immediately dismiss any government that breaches the first five clauses of this Charter, and shall organise a ballot of the people to dismiss a government for other breaches which she deems serious.
The Monarch shall call a policy ballot on any subject or subjects where she has reason to believe the major wishes of her subjects are being ignored by elected politicians. The policy ballot shall be binding on elected representatives.

1. The British government may not sign treaties or carry out any other action that might result in giving away its power or sovereignty to any other country without the consent of 66% of the entire British electorate in two separate ballots held five years apart.
2. No land or territory may be given independence, or given to a foreign power, without the consent from a specific ballot both the whole British Electorate, and the entire electorate of that land or territory.
3. Additional government, or tiers of government may not be created without both the specific consent of the whole British Electorate, and that part of the electorate affected.
4. Any attempt by the government to abandon, surrender or substitute the Pound Sterling for another currency shall be construed as an attempt to give away soverignty. It also requires the specific consent of 66% of the entire electorate in two separate ballots.
5. The government shall not invade, attack or bomb another country and kill more than 1,000 people without the specific consent of the electorate in a simple majority.

In addition to dismissal, all ministers of any government in violation of the above clauses shall be banned from government and parliament for life. The DPP also shall prosecute each and every one of those ministers for treason to the fullest extent of the criminal law.

Limits on tax and regulation
The Government or majority parliamentary party must resign; or if it fails to resign the Monarch will dismiss it; it and its ministers are disqualified from parliament for five years, under the following circumstances:

If it raises, or declares a budget to raise, more than 25% of GDP in taxes, or if the total taxes paid by all British subjects exceed 20% of all total personal income.
If it declares an unbalanced budget.
If it and all branches of government combined employs, directly or indirectly, more than 1.5% of the population; or 0.5% of the population excluding teachers, doctors, nurses and policemen honestly engaged in their professional pursuits.

Government is expected to reduce its ministries and departments to a number and size that can be easily financed by a balanced budget where taxes form no more than 25% of the GDP.

The government may not have more than five tax systems, that is five types of tax. All taxes will be both simple to an ordinary subject and visible. VAT is abolished by this charter on the grounds that it is over complex, and harshly administered.

Any income tax will exempt the poorest 10% from tax, may not have more than two rates, the highest of which may not be above 20%, and will not have any other allowances or deductions whatsoever.

All European regulations and directives, which have done so much damage to our economy, will be repealed or withdrawn. If there is doubt whether a regulation is Euro inspired, it will be withdrawn if it came into effect during or after 1971.

To slow the proliferation of laws, each act or regulation of parliament may be submitted to the Monarch for signature only if accompanied by the abolition of an act or regulation.

Composition of Parliament
There shall be no more than 144 Members of Parliament. Constituency boundaries will be redefined at least every 5 years to ensure an approximately equal share of the electorate.

Members of secret societies, subjects with unpublished or hidden political agendas, and those who wish to undermine the democratic process may not enter any form of government or government employment. Former members of secret societies may be allowed into government provided they publish: The names and addresses of their secret societies, the dates they joined and left, the true aims of the societies, and their own aims now. Any person in elected government in breach of this clause shall be instantly expelled for life, and all his personal assets confiscated.

Parties and politicians may not stand for election until they have published their complete individual manifestoes detailing their intentions in every area of policy they wish to address. They may not stand or hold office for private reasons of exercise of power, prestige or financial gain.

Ballots of the electorate
Clauses in this Charter can be amended by ballot where at least 66% of the electorate vote on the clause, and a simple majority of those voting is in favour of each change. The consent of 66% of the entire electorate is required for changes on sovereignty issues.

The government and local government are responsible for holding national and local policy ballots annually in November. A list of items to be balloted will be provided to the electorate. A simple majority of those voting on an issue is sufficient for that issue to be carried. The results are binding on the government.

All new acts or undertakings by any form of government that restrict, regulate or tax British subjects will be individually listed in the annual policy ballot within one year. Each act or undertaking will be subject to the option of abolish, suspend and amend, or accept.

Ten thousand signatures, which may be in the form of bona fide electronic communications, or a majority in a statistically representative opinion poll of more than 1,000 respondents, are required for British subjects to include in the policy ballot list:

The abolition of any regulatory or freedom restricting Act of Parliament or action of government. The abolition of any national or local government department or government funded entity.
Any item of public concern.

One thousand signatures are required for the dismissal of the governors, board and chief executives of any public organisation or department to be added to the ballot list, or a proper opinion poll.

Five hundred signatures are required for local government policy ballots.

The government may require a second ballot on any issue where it believes the result is prejudicial to the nation's best interest.

The House of Lords will arbitrate all ballot matters including the order in which questions appear. Questions that will have the greatest impact on the nation are to come first. Freedom, both at home and abroad, taxation, and reduction of government spending issues are to be given priority. All ballot questions will be published one month in advance both electronically and by the press. Individual voters may chose to vote electronically if the integrity of their votes can be assured.

Government dishonesty
A new crime of "Deception in Government" is herby introduced. Any politician, political candidate, Minister, MP, or Government servant who knowingly lies to or deceives the public, government or Parliament to a material degree shall be prosecuted for this crime.

The damage, or corrupt advantage, that could be or has been caused by the deception shall be taken into account when deciding whether to prosecte, and in sentancing. Sentancing shall usually include the loss of position for a period of at least one year, and may include exile for a fixed term which may be up to retirement age, the loss of British citizenship for a term, confiscaton of all or part of personal assets, being proscribed from political and or goverment office for a fixed term.

A proper opinion poll of at least 1,000 representative subjects can be used to decide if the prosection shall be initiated, and or be funded from the public purse. If no conviction is achieved the real motivators, accusers, and paymasters shall be investigated, publicly exposed, and possibly prosecuted for defamation, frivolous prosecution, legal assult, and wasting court time.

Government department accountability
Secrecy Acts that can be used to hide government incompetence are illegal. The Official Secrets Act shall be abolished when this Charter becomes effective.

The National Audit office will undertake an annual review of every government department. The review will take into account value for money, economic damage done by the department, and the usefulness of the services the department provides. The heads of departments that perform poorly will resign. If in the subsequent year performance has not markedly improved the heads and senior management will resign. If there is no marked improvement in the third year the department will be disbanded.

Government employees are required to report waste to the National Audit Office, (who will publish the information, but will withhold the employee's name if requested,) and will be rewarded but may not be discriminated against for doing so.

Government ministers, representatives and employees that perform poorly are expected to resign.
The Inland Revenue is henceforth also responsible for authorising all benefit payments including pensions and unemployment benefit, which will be transmitted directly to the recipients bank account. No other departments will be involved. To encourage a reduction in the future over crowding in our cities, benefit will be paid in respect of the first child only.

Government has so misused money it has collected for pensions it no longer permitted to collect contributions. Every employer and employee must contribute to a private pension scheme; the government will guarantee sums paid in. Officers of pension companies must prove the highest ethics or that company does not qualify to accept pension contributions.

If for any one year the regulations and costs of the British merchant fleet are so onerous that they are a reason for ship owners to seek flags of convenience, the heads of those government departments that create or enforce the regulations will resign and not accept employment in government for two years.

The government is prohibited from running a fisheries department because of the destruction that department has wrought on the fishing industry. The government is restricted to enforcing minimum mesh sizes as recommended by the body of active British fishermen, and to enforcing the 200 mile British territorial fishing and mineral limits.

If more than ten farmers commit suicide for professional reasons in any one year the Minister for Agriculture shall be dismissed, banned from public employment for five years, and more favourable policies to farmers instituted. If ten commit suicide the second year the minister and all management will be dismissed. If there is no improvement in the third year the Department of Agriculture shall be abolished.

All government departments will buy British if a British option exists.

The Redundancy Act, 1985 and subsequent amendments is repealed. Government servants who are made redundant after first class service will receive one week's pay for every year of service.

Secret government departments tend to be more wasteful and inefficient than open departments, and damaging and corrupt in addition. Accordingly MI5, 6 and all other secret government departments will be abolished. All contact and cooperation with secret departments of other countries will cease. Any government servant found dealing with a secret department of any nation shall be stripped of all his personal assets and banned from public employment for 5 years.
Human rights
Every person has the right to freedom in his own country, the right to free speech, and the right to be innocent until proven guilty. British subjects also have the right to privacy, the right to be free from government interference, computers and large corporations, the right to trial by jury, the right to be in any public space, the right to natural resources, which the government may not charge subjects for, and the right to do precisely as they like providing they they don't hurt or annoy other subjects.

No subject can be sued for damage done to any other subject if that other subject was responsible for it, or could easily have avoided it, or if a reasonable person would have avoided it, unless the damage was done maliciously, or negligently in a professional pursuit.

Any government official who oppresses or denies a subjects their rights shall be removed from government office for a period of at least one year.

An additional National and Bank holiday will be attached to a weekend around the 1st November to fill the huge gap from August to Christmas. This holiday shall be named after a British hero, Guy Fawkes.

Police departments around the world are used to oppress peoples. They can easily remove our freedom and sense of freedom. Our police are to remain the servants of the people and should help and assist the public at every opportunity. They shall display exemplary behaviour at all times. They must show courtesy, may request, but never coerce. Any police officer involved in a death or shocking brutality must resign. The onus in on him to prove the death was not his fault if he requires reinstatement. The Police Complaints commission shall be entirely independent of the police and may not be staffed by current or former police officers.

Police may not detain suspects they have arrested beyond one hour unless they have good and justifiable reason to believe the suspect might flee the area. If detained beyond an hour the suspect is allowed to make phone calls until he has contacted both his family and his solicitor. If the police's arrest proves to be incompetent or oppressive the arresting officer will serve one week without pay, and the police provide a written apology. The police complaints commission will keep an ordered record displayed in town halls of public charges of police brutality and specious arrests. The officer at the top of each list annually will resign without further pay or benefits unless he can prove to the Police Complaints authority that the charges are without merit.

This nation can be policed more easily with the cooperation of the public. The police will only earn that cooperation by winning the public's admiration. Police in general will show a friendly and helpful attitude towards the public. Police officers who do not like this approach should leave the force forthwith.

Judges shall automatically cease to serve after a period of 2 years unless their case history is examined and they are reappointed by the House of Lords.

Compensation for wrongful conviction involving a jail term will include ten times the nations average annual wage for each year of imprisonment, payment of the victim's legal fees, a full written apology from the court, the removal of all reference to the case from criminal records and the suspension from government service without pay for one week of both the judge and the prosecutor in the case. After three such suspensions the suspensions are one year thereafter.

All court cases, both civil and criminal, are subject to time limits according to the severity of the case. Misdemeanors shall have a maximum of five minutes each for both prosecution and defense. Where one year in jail, half a day; five years one day; 20 years 2 days; maximum 2 and one half days. Civil cases will be by the amount of damages; no case may occupy a courts time for more than one week.

A prisoner starting a life sentence shall be offered the chance to save the nation the millions it will cost to keep him by electing for a lethal injection. In return £100,000 will be shared equally by his family and his victim (or family). The government is responsible for the physical safety of prison inmates.

The practice of using the courts for extortion instead of justice shall cease. The prosecutor or plaintiff's lawyer and judge issuing an extortionate judement shall be suspended for one year without pay. The net assets of the defendant shall be considered in calculating what is extortionate. If children are separated from parents by a court, and this proves to be excessive, the prosecutor/plaintiff's lawyer will be suspended for one year.

Legal assault
A new crime of legal assult is hereby established. A person who uses the courts to harrass an innocent person may pay the full cost of the courts time and expenses. The degree of innocence of the victim and the suffering endured shall decide the damages. Defendants may be persons, corporations, prosecutors, the DPP, judges, police, and government.

Foreign Policy
To establish a uniform basis for Britain to champion human rights, the government will publish, without fear or favour, an annual list of all 240 nations of the world ordered according to the democracy, freedom and civil rights enjoyed by their peoples.

The government will decide where to draw a line below which countries will not receive weapons; a second line below which countries will not receive British aid unless it can be delivered directly to the people. That aid will be withdrawn if accounts of those people receiving and benefiting from it cannot be published to the British people. Government will also draw a third trade line below which British companies cannot trade without permission. Britain shall always put the promotion of democracy before trade, financial or other interests.

If Britain can save lives without endangering her own security, she shall intervene when foreign governments carry out acts of genocide or mass brutality against their people.

Britain's aim shall be the installation of a democratic system in that country which has durability, is benevolent to its people, and has this Charter as its Constitution. If Britain gets involved in a war or invasion in a foreign country, all government ministers shall be dismissed if they cannot achieve this aim. This penalty may be waived in each case by a majority ballot of HM Subjects.

Simply solving the immigration issue now
As politicians are incapable of solving the simplest problem, this Charter solves the desire of immigrants to rush into the UK by banning all goverment support for immigrants for their first five years in the country. This includes no housing or other benefits of any kind.

Immigration and refugees - long term.
As these islands are already overcrowded, all immigration will cease except where recent decendents of British Subjects wish to return.

The government will seek to purchase a coastal territory of at least 400 square miles (around 20 miles by 20 miles) from a foreign power where it will set up a permanent British Country to house refugees and the oppressed. Parts of India, Africa, Canada and Australia shall be included in the search. The economic model shall be similar to Hong Kong's.

The territory's population shall have the same freedoms within that country that we British enjoy, including those bestowed by this charter, but will not be able to amend the charter or the status of the territory. The British government will build the initial infrastructure and encourge further investment in the country's infrastructure and institutions.

The British dependency's laws will be based on a liberal and unregulated version of our own, and the sum total of all taxation will be limited to 3% of its GDP. No person may pay more than 1% tax on their income, no corporation more than 2%.

Any British Prime Minister in power with refugees interned without trial (as happened to thousands in Hong Kong) shall forfeit his post and himself be interned in the same place for the same length of time as that experienced by the longest internee.

The armed forces shall no longer on occasion be used as Politicians private terrorist forces without the consent of the electorate.

The waste in defence is perhaps the most shocking of all government departments. Government may not employ, directly or indirectly, more than one non-fighting support man for every two fighting men.

The House of Lords is responsible for ensuring that Britain gets the best value for money for each defense project, that nepotism is abolished, and that the division of resources between the services serves the best interest of the defence of the nation, and Britains ability to help the oppressed.
The armed forces are to be subject to the annual review by the National Audit office and the same relevant disciplines of Government departments including the dismissal clauses.

Servicemen are required to notify the National Audit office of waste and will remain anonymous. In addition, they will be rewarded for ideas to increase the forces effectiveness and reduce costs. The national Audit office will examine the ideas, publish them, and if it fails to persuade the armed forces to accept them will pass them to the House of Lords, who may compel the services to accept those ideas it believes will save costs and improve effectiveness.

Rail privatisation has been a disaster. By international standards, British Rail was efficient. Rail transport will be encouraged and costs to passengers reduced to below that of a car with four passengers on the same jopurney. When calculating the annual rail subsidy from taxation, the total government spend on roads will be used as a guide and the two figures will be published together as a comparison.

Once a year the government, or by petition, 1,000 users of a national utility, transport company or monopoly may force a ballot of users which may require all the members of the board of directors to resign for a period of 2 years if, in their opinion, they have received repeated bad service or high prices. In the second consecutive year the ballot will remove the management of the company to an entity chosen by the users; and the government has the option to compulsory purchase the company at market value. In the third year the stock shall be cumpulsorily first offered at that price to the transport companies users, who may form a board to run it themselves; the government will loan sufficient finance; and then to the general public.

It is illegal to build on or destroy airports or railway lines, whether disused or not.

The curse of the big Corporation
Massive corporations can make our lives a misery. They make profits no matter how badly they are run or treat their customers, don't bother to resolve their problems and mistakes, don't listen, and have a computer answering the telephone to confirm their distaste for their customers.

To encourage competition, corporate mergers and takeovers are prohibited between companies with a turnover of over £500 million, and between the ten largest entities in any sector, but may be permitted in overseas subsidiaries providing those merging can conclusively prove to the House of Lords the international advantages to the country outweigh the loss of competition.

To reverse the brain drain and loss of good products and ideas overseas the government will facilitate major commercial production projects in the UK to gain a share in international markets. Such projects may be financially backed by the government; but if the project fails or the government is not repaid those responsible for authorising it must resign from public life for 2 years and may not take part in future similar decisions, and the projects own Directors banned from further business enterprises for 5 years.

In publicly quoted companies, Directors remuneration from all sources including shares and options may not be increased by more than ten percent above the rate of inflation unless first approved by a majority at the annual general meeting. Too often minority shareholders are paying too much in directors salaries over which they have no control. Everyone is dispensible; if the directors don't like it they may resign and give thousands of more competent people a chance to fill the position for less.

Any corporation with more thaq 100 employees shall pay double the taxes of other corporations if: 1.) It has an automated telephone answering service without the obvious option to dial zero to speak to a real person. 2.) The switchboard is incapable for putting the call through to the right department or right person efficiently.

Computers may not control Subjects or degrade their lives
Many know computers can be the biggest threat to liberty since governments began. We have seen Parliament's attempts to read and control our email, which means in time they will be controlling all our mail This gives an indication of how little Parliament cares for our liberty, and much they care for their own convenience. They certainly see themselves as our rulers, not our servants, and intend to use computers to control us.

Therefore computers are not to be permitted to control the lives of British Subjects. No data may be stored on computer concerning a British subject without his written permission, which may be withdrawn at any time. No subject may be discriminated against because he has or has not data stored on computer. And government shall not spy on its subjects without a court order. Any government official who does so will be dismissed from all forms of government for 5 years.

The top three officers in any government department snooping on Internet email will be dismissed and banned from government office or employment for five years, and those involved in the management or implementation of snooping suffer the same penalty.

The directors of any Government department or corporation that uses a computer to dial a private household telephone shall each be fined personally £100 and the company 0.1% of turnover for each day such calls are made.

The NHS with its 800,000 staff is like an old style massive failed Soviet Union collective. There is no hope for an organisation built on so failed a design.

Department of Health figures published on the 14th February 2002 in the London Press show 212,020 NHS administrators and only 199,730 beds. One administrator per 20 beds would be sufficient, ie 9,990. Finding useful work elsewhere for 202,000 administrators who cost us 10.1 billion would leave that sum available for the NHS patients. Total NHS spend was 54 billion, a bed costs £270,000 per year. Only 17% of funding gets through to patients. That's a disgrace in any language.

The NHS budget has increased by 30% in the 4 years since 1997; it was a complete failure. No more patients were treated and the waiting lists stayed the same. Mr Brown now wants to repeat the failure and add more money to the black hole which again will yield no results except taking the cost of a bed up to £345,000 in two years.

The NHS black hole needs to be abolished in favour of each hospital running as an independent enterprise. Each should receive funds from the government on the number of cases it treats and their severity. Doctors and nurses will share equally in a bonus equal to half of any surplus at the year end, and will vote equally for the management committee that runs the hostpital.

Nurses and pharmacists, as well as Doctors, may prescribe drugs. Any drug may be purchased from a pharmacy without a prescription if the pharmacist warns of its dangers and the purchaser signs a waiver that includes his name, address and phone number.

The BMA will publish a list of every reported incompetence and every negligence claim against every one of its members.

The BBC's budget, which shall be financed by the government, shall not exceed 1/7000 of GNP (ie currently about £150 million). It may not employ more than 1,000 staff. Its main aim shall be the broadcasting of truth and hope to the oppressed all over the world.
Domestically it shall not expand its services without the approval of parliament, and will concentrate on one television channel and three radio channels only. It will not produce common programmes that are easily available on commercial television, but concentrate on quality. It will not be allowed to collect a license fee, which is effectively a theft of income from services commercial channels provide. Its board and senior officers are appointed for one year only. Parliament may, by a majority vote once a year, retain the current management only if it believes the BBC has served the oppressed and stuck to the truth with honesty and conviction.

The appearance of Britain
To halt the proliferation of ugly commercial buildings county ballots will be held annually. Two hundred signatures are required form the local electorate to add an existing building to the ballot list of commercial buildings that may be demolished, and voters may indicate on the ballot any number between five and twenty years for the owner to demolish. Fifty percent of the local voters must vote on a building for a quorum, and a simple majority is then required for the building to be designated "ugly" and for its demolition.

Once a building has been balloted it may not be balloted again for ten years. If a building is surrounded by tall evergreen trees that shield it from view from all public places its ballot shall be delayed for 5 years; a condemned ugly building that is similarly shielded after the ballot will be given an extra 2 years and a second ballot required.

The Architects who designed a building designated as ugly shall have their professional qualifications withdrawn for one year for each building project balloted as ugly. Planning officers that gave permission for such ugly building are prevented from holding posts in any planning department for one year on each occasion. A new building can be approved for its lifetime by irrevocable ballot. A list of attractive building styles guaranteeing a minimum thirty-year life for a new building is initially added to this Charter; attractive styles may be added or withdrawn by local ballot.

The existing Architectural bodies such as the RIBA shall be abolished forthwith and their assets confiscated for the damage their members have already done to the appearance of Britain.

All governments shall ensure that acts of this charter are immediately and permaqnently implemented and shall have its term in office shortened by 10 days for every one day acts are not implemented.

Implementing the will of the British people.
This Charter is an attempt by the ignored and disenfranhised British people to regain control of our government and to fight back at our selfish political masters. Politicians who are interested in their own exercise of power, and are not interested in implementing the will of the people, are hereby called upon to resign now.

If you have any comments, suggestions or improvements please e-mail them to davidjnoakes@yahoo.co.uk.

This document is copyright David Noakes. Permission to reproduce is hereby granted, providing this notice is also reproduced


The British Immigrants Country - further provisions
The British Government will finance the building of the first Church of England traditional sandstone and granite church and spire, the commercial and pleasure ports, airport, two hotels, a hotel for the poor, the border fencing, the courts and police for the first 2 years, water and sewage plants, and the public leisure parks. At least 6 leisure parks, each at least a 1/4 mile square shall be built, two on the coast. The hotel for the poor shall own its own land and buildings, contain 1,000 4x4x7ft cabins, receive £250,000pa from the government, be run by the local Church of England, and charge nothing to new immigrants (who take priority) for the first two weeks, then no more than £2 per night.

Land shall be sold equally by the British and Territory's governments, 1/3 to the highest bidders, then 2/3 at reasonable prices in 1,000 sq ft plots to individuals only, one plot each. After 5 years the British government may sell the commercial buildings it owns to responsible and considerate organisations.

End of Charter

Switzerland has a real democracy where the electorate votes on issues. Politicians are controlled, and its the most stable country on earth. The British people are now such strangers to democracy that I'm getting emails expressing surprise that we should have a say in our Government. The following article may remind us what freedom is.

Stop the rule of a foreign power against our wishes.

Why are our politicians taking us into Europe against our wishes? European regulations alone, which arrive at the rate of 80,000 pages a month, will ensure Europe will be an economic disaster for Britain, and the additional taxes another nail in the coffin.

Add the cost of our annual financial contribution (£16 billion a year) to support the mountains of bureaucrats in Brussels, and Europe is an obvious no-go which even the most failed Prime Minister or politician (and that seems to be most of them) should be able to spot.

The dishonesty of Westminster politicians over this issue is breathtaking. In the full knowledge that we the people don't want to be in Europe, they have deceitfully forced British Business to spend several hundred billion pounds on enforced metrication, product harmonization and other conversions to comply with European regulation (that's half one year's Gross Domestic Product for the entire nation).

Feeling poor? It's about £25,000 for every family in Britain, which has come out of YOUR salary, in taxes and increases you haven't had.

Politicians won't, 27 years after signing the first Euro treaty, give us a vote on whether we want to be part of this ugly Superstate. Because they know we will vote a massive NO with a 70% majority. They will never give us a fair vote, whatever they promise – they have a 27 year track record of lying about a "referendum soon" to prove that.

The total of £ -wait for it - Half a Trillion Pounds already spent on Europe without our consent proves they have no intention of allowing any other outcome than forcing us into Europe.

Politicians are elected to represent us – so why do they consistently obstruct our wishes? The reason is simple bribery – politicians get paid three times as much by Europe as they get in Westminster, and its tax free. In addition, and much more valuable, they get unlimited expenses which they don't even have to account for.

So as a Euro politician you can go on a cruise ship, and to get reimbursed, tell the EC what it cost afterwards without even presenting the invoice from the cruise line. It follows you don't even have to go on a cruise; as a Euro politician, you just collect as much of our money as you wish.

Obviously, every politician in every European country wants to be in Europe, no matter what his despised electorate wants.

Europe is the most corrupt and undemocratic Government in the Western world. No wonder we don't want to be part of it. Nor do the people in other European countries – even the German people weren't given a vote – the people were 60% against the abolition of the Deutschmark, the Politicians 525-35 in favour. No democracy there either.

Remember the Government of Europe is not democratically elected – the "Parliament" is a sop to democracy and the real Government –the Commissioners who run Europe, are not elected. Auditors reckoned these 20 Commissioners had been stealing about £4 billion annually for 20 years. Amazingly the whole lot resigned because of the corruption charges in the year 2000 – why after 20 years of corruption beats me – but they're all back at it now.

Other nations are fighting for their independence while our politicians are throwing ours away. Of the 230 nations in the world, Britain has the 5th biggest economy, or will have until the European Government strips us of our wealth. All we need are taxes at less than 30% of our GDP with light regulation, and our people would be comfortably off once again.

Bernard Connolly an economist who worked for the EC, wrote a book, "The Rotten Heart of Europe" in which he explained why the European Government would be an economic disaster for Britain. On the 6th March 2001 the European Court of "Justice" ruled that it was illegal for him to criticise the European Government. It even ordered him to pay the EC's court costs. The only other "Western" government who made criticism of the government illegal was the Communist Soviet Union. Is there now more free speech in Russia than in the EC Superstate? (Yes I know this article is illegal. That's why the web server you are accessing is in the USA)

One of the provisions of the Nice Treaty is that armed European Police or storm troopers can now enter Britain, seize who they like (yes that means you), and carry them off to Brussels. There is no habeaus corpus, and no appeal to the British courts, which are now powerless before the EU Government. Not at all Nice.
Now Europe is demanding that we hand over our Army, Navy, Air Force, Nuclear Weapons and police to European Superstate control. Then they can rule us with a rod of iron
Our naive politicians are shocked – they don't like this obvious result of their own actions, and have refused. But our latest naive Prime Minister signed away our power of veto at the Nice Treaty last year, so we can't prevent it.

There is no good political party here. They have all been both stupid and, to use the dictionary definition of the term, traitorous. Conservative Ted Heath signed the original treaties, Conservative Margaret Thatcher signed the Single European Act which began the undermining of our sovereignty, Conservative John Major signed Maastricht, and Labour Blair signed away our veto.

Stunningly the Queen signed all these treaties, which abolish her as well as our nation, without a murmur. Interesting having a traitor as a Monarch.
I am breathtaken that the Queen felt she could abolish a nation with over 3000 years of history (we know about King Brutus who was crowned in London in 1103 BC) without first requiring at least one vote of all the people before rubber stamping our exit as a nation.

The dictionary definition of treason is "the offense of attempting by overt acts to overthrow the government of the state" which is precisely what has happened, and breaks the Treason Act of 1795, 1814 and 1848. Fortunately for the politicians, the 1998 Law and Order act amended these Acts and they now only get Life Imprisonment instead of the death penalty.

I will start a private criminal prosecution of the above people (the Queen, under European law, is now just a common citizen and can be prosecuted) for treason. It will cost about £50,000. Please send me whatever you can, however small, so this can go ahead. Legally, its chances are excellent. The question is whether the courts will still enforce our own laws. But if we can just get the prosecution started the press coverage could be extremely beneficial, which is the aim. If John Gullible Major and Boy Blair are sentenced to Life Imprisonment, that's just a bonus.

The opposition parties are supposed to oppose. They have deliberately failed to do their jobs, failing to represent their constituents yet again. The Liberals are rabidly pro the European Government, and damn the voters, and the Conservative's "on the fence" position under Hague and IDS so pathetically weak it's worse than useless
Which opposition party is denouncing British politicians for accepting European bribes? Which party is denouncing our government for lying to us about a promised referendum for 27 years?

Which party is exposing the Government's spending of 500 billion on the EC over 27 years without the people's consent and against our wishes? Which politicians are advocating prosecution of current and former Prime Ministers for Treason? Which politician exposes Euro Government corruption on a daily basis? Which politician has demanded the abdication of the Queen in favour of Charles, for signing the treasonous treaties without so much as a vote of the people?

When threatened by a foreign power in the past we have always been able to go to war. We can do this no longer, because the foreign power has control of our army, navy and air force. The foreign power also controls our police force, so they control us totally.

Few people realise how much Euopean Politicians despise we British. They will never let us leave Europe (unless they have taken our assets, left us in poverty and and it suits them). We will be in same position as Chechnya is with its attempts to leave Russia - at the mercy of a totalitarian government.

Let us have a day of massive demonstrations, on May 1 2003 and close the doors of our treasonous and autocratic Parliament permanently until Parliament agrees to be the servant of the people once again.

Let us all resolve:

We will never accept the rule of a foreign power imposed upon us against the wishes of the people. We will not recognise its laws or the instructions of its paramilitaries. We will never accept a European Government as our master.

posted by David Noakes 11:27 AM

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